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The Celebration of the Fiestas del Carmen in Benalmadena, Malaga

By | 4 July, 2018 | 0 comments

Fiesta del Carmen

Spain is known as a country that loves a good celebration and what better time of year to celebrate than in these warm summer months. Here in the ideal holiday destination of Benalmadena you will find the MAC Puerto Marina Hotel perfectly situated in the port of this charming town on the Costa del Sol. Although it’s always a good time to visit, the month of July brings with it one of the most authentic and unique experiences in the form of the Fiestas del Carmen. Although you may have already read about the celebrations in Benalmadena, here we look in detail at what you can expect during your Holiday in Benalmadena.

The Fiestas del Carmen is one of the largest celebrations in Malaga that takes place every year on July 16th although different events and celebrations will no doubt be taking place either side of this date. Mark the date in your diary and get ready to celebrate the saint of sailors – La Virgen del Carmen. The celebrations take place in most of the coastal towns along the Costa del Sol, from Nerja to Manillva and although one of the most famous celebrations takes place in Rincon de la Victoria, Benalmadena also boasts its own version of this fascinating celebration, with plenty of history and tradition.

Here in the coastal towns of Malaga, many of the inhabitants have relied on fishing as a main source of income and therefore the industry has always been a major component of the region’s economy. Grateful and heavily superstitious, traditionally the locals wanted to bless the sea, give thanks and ask for continued good fortune with their livelihood. The celebrations on this special day take place throughout the day until early evening when, after mass has been celebrated, the effigy of the Virgen del Carmen the ‘Stella Maris’, is paraded through the streets until arrival at the marina where she is lifted aboard a boat and sailed down the Benalmadena coastline. The whole procession takes around 2 hours as the Virgen blesses the sea, which is then joyously topped off by an incredible firework display from the terrace of the Benalmadena yacht club and festivities on the beach. The celebration is certainly a special event to witness; the locals and visitors celebrating together, with good food, drink and company; all that is needed to keep going until the early hours of the morning.

MAC Hotels offers travellers not only the chance to visit wonderful destinations across Spain but also new experiences that will bring you closer to your holiday destinations’ traditions and culture. So come to the MAC Puerto Marina Hotel and be a part of one of the biggest celebrations in Malaga.

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