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Corporate Social Responsibility

Mac Hotels Group aims to create value for our main stakeholders (customers, employees, partners and the local community), achieving the generation of positive effects through dialogue, transparency and cooperation.

The 3 pillars that define our Social Responsibility strategy are:

Mac Hotels


With the customers and the local community in which the hotels are located.

Mac Hotels


Wiith the employees, looking after their well-being and training, as well as managing the Talent of the whole Organization.

Mac Hotels


Working to reduce the hotel’s environmental impact and improve awareness amongst our stakeholders.

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Our Strategic Goals

Based on the Mac Hotels’ definition of Corporate Social Responsibility and its 3 pillars, the strategic goals that will serve as a guideline to mark the tactical operations, are as follows:

  • Be socially proactive in the places in which the hotels and the organization are located;
  • Be active and sustainable in the care of the environment and reduce the organizations’ impact;
  • Promote the well-being of customers and employees;
  • Manage and retain talent that is linked to the values that define us (authenticity, quality, excellence, diversity, engagement).

Following these lines of action and assuming the new global conjuncture, which has already changed our way of interrelating with the world, in the time period 2020-2023 we extend to our Strategic Objectives the following milestones:

  • Create Stable Relationships and Commitments between NGOs and the Group.
  • Progressively incorporate our Stakeholders into our Social Responsibility Strategies.
  • Customize our Social Responsibility Actions to provide maximum added value to society.
  • Take up the challenge of Real Equality.
  • Progressively reduce the Organization’s Environmental Footprint and work on real compensation.

Our commitment to the SDGs in the Decade for Action (2021-2030) as well as with the Impulsa Baleares Foundation in the Leading Hotel Circularity Project, will guide our Environmental Master Plans in the coming years.

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Group Environmental Policy

We adapt our environmental policies based on the possibilities of each property, assessing the customer’s expectations and taking into account the natural environment where the property is located.

Our ultimate goal is to measure and reduce the environmental impacts of our company, at its various locations, by progressively adopting technologies and instruments that help us substantially improve our activity and foster the culture of recycling and low consumption, as well as respect for the natural environment in which each property is located.

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En el marco de nuestro compromiso RSC, se han identificado algunos indicadores para evaluar el impacto de nuestras actividades, medir sus resultados y usar esta información para mejorar en el futuro. Descubra más en nuestro informe anual.

Informe anual RSC