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Medical insurance

Further reinforcing our commitment to guests’ health and safety and to protect you against any unforeseen circumstances, when you book directly with us, you will now be able to benefit from Complimentary Medical Insurance which includes Covid-19.

You will not need to do anything: the insurance will be added for free to your reservation you will be automatically insured from the moment you arrive at the hotel until you check out.

Our Europ Assistance medical cover is included in all direct bookings made via telephone, email or on the official website.

The insurance covers the following:

The insurance covers the following:

It includes doctor’s fees, medicines prescribed by a doctor or surgeon during the first visit, Hospitalization expenses and ambulance expenses ordered by a doctor for a local journey. It doesn’t include any medicines or pharmaceutical expenses arising from the extension in time of the initially prescribed treatment or due to chronical illnesses.

Emergency treatment only, excludes endodontics, aesthetic reconstructions of previous treatments, prosthetics, veneers and implants.

When authorised by the insurance. For the purposes of repatriation, it will be considered the domicile that appears in the contracting of the hotel.

Transfer from the hotel to the nearest hospital and back, only in case of serious illness or accident requiring immediate consultation, unable to wait for an ordinary medical visit.

When prescribed by a doctor and unable to travel.

When the accompanying persons cannot return by the normal means initially envisaged, transport is provided to the usual domicile or hospital of the person insured.

If the insured is hospitalised more than 5 days and no family member is by their side, a return ticket will be provided for an accompanying person.

If hospitalised more than 5 days and no family member is by their side, it includes stay expenses in a hotel prior presentation of the original Invoices and up to the limit per day.

If the insured travels with dependants or children under 14, also insured, and cannot take care of them due to sudden illness or accident, a person designed by the family from the country of origin will be provided with a return ticket to accompany them, or EUROP ASSISTANCE will provide a designated person to accompany them in their return home as soon as possible.

Sending of a doctor and travel expenses for a first visit. Excludes vital emergencies that will be sent to public services.

When requested, sending of an ambulance in non-urgent cases, subject to availability. Expenses will be paid by the insured.

When the insured has to be hospitalised, the expenses of an extended stay for the accompanying person, also insured, up to the limit per day.

If the insured is hospitalised, the travel expensed from hotel to hospital and vice versa, up to the limit per day.

If the insured is hospitalised and no family member is by their side, the stay and breakfast is covered for a family member that has come to be with them, as long as the hospital provides such service and it is medically necessary, up to the limit per day. It is non-cumulative with other provisions that cover expenses of an accompanying person in a hotel.

Resolve any doubts about blood tests, medicines, etc. Advise on where to go if necessary. No prescriptions over the phone. Service offered from 9am to 9pm Spanish time.

Transfer of the mortal remains to the place of their burial or incineration within the municipality of their usual domicile, as well as the costs of embalming, mandatory minimum coffin and administrative formalities. It does not cover the expenses of funeral pomp and burial.

If incinerating prior to transfer, it covers the incineration, transfer and the presence of a family member if required for legal or organisational reasons.

If no one can accompany the mortal remains back home, a person designed by the family from the country of origin will be provided with a return ticket and stay expenses to accompany them, up to the limit per day.

Up to the limit established and only when due to death of the insured person, serious accident with hospitalisation, hospitalisation of a family member covered by the insurance, serious damage due to fire, explosion, theft by force or force of nature, in the principal or secondary residence, or in the professional premises if the insured person exercises a liberal profession or runs a company and his presence is imperatively necessary, no disciplinary dismissal of the Insured or forced transfer of work that entails the change of address, joining a job at a new company, where you haven’t been hired in the previous six months or if the insured has been called as part, court witness or jury member.

The insurance is valid for stays during 2021 and while the stay lasts.

In the event of any illness or accident please remember that you first need to call +34 91.514.99.60

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